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The lungs are responsible for the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood.  Air is transported from the trachea into two tubes called bronchi (one per lung), which then divide into smaller and smaller branches (bronchioles). The bronchioles eventually end in clusters of microscopic air sacs called alveoli.  In the alveoli, oxygen from the air is absorbed into the blood. Carbon dioxide, a waste product of metabolism, travels from the blood to the alveoli, where it can be exhaled. 

In addition to the exchange of gases, the lungs are involved in other important functions such as regulation of blood pressure and acid-base balance, and in metabolism and excretion of certain drugs.

The body is designed to stay healthy.  When our body’s cells become old or damaged, they must be repaired or, if repair is not possible, replaced by young, healthy cells.  Apoptosis, and its associated pathways, is the process by which the cells that make up our bodies are either repaired or, if repair is not possible, are removed so that they can be replaced by new, healthy cells. These processes (repair, removal, rejuvenation) take place every minute of our lives and are necessary for optimal health.

Aroga Pathways Plus Lung Support provides foods, not normally found in the modern Western diet, required for the lungs to be rejuvenated and function optimally.

Each capsule (all-vegetable) of Aroga Pathways Plus Lung Support is based on cutting-edge cellular science, and consists of 100% plant-based food, contains no fillers or binding agents, and is manufactured in the USA.


  • Tonkat Ali Powder
  • Beet Root Powder
  • Wild Yam Root Powder
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Gotu Kola Powder
  • Turmeric Root Powder
  • Vegetarian Capsule
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